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College Activities

Fall Semester 2021

College Studies

Angela is a student in the Class of 2025 at Lafayette College, Easton, PA. She is taking a double major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science. She is an Oechsle Scholarship Recipient. Her fall classes involve: Calculus III, General Chemistry II & Introduction to Programming among others. Her spring classes involve: Accelerated Physics, Algorithms, Differential Equations & Circuits.


Lafayette College Poster Presentation

Computer Science Research

As a first-year engineering student, Angela has recognized the lack of spatial visualization skills among her peers. Knowing how important spatial skills are to secure success in STEM, Angela has started working alongside Prof. Christian Lopez to develop machine learning models capable of calculating the human perceived complexity of 3D Shapes.

She has performed feature engineering to generate metrics that capture the perceived complexity based on a Python algorithm, students' feedback, and existing literature.


Some of the methods currently used now involve, but are not limited to: Gamification in Unity (to represent the shapes in real-life 3D), 8-Voxel Method in Python (to calculate the complexity), Amazon Mechanical Turk for Human Intelligence (to gain feedback) & Picture Analysis of the Purdue Visualization Test.

The poster for the first-ever research conference is given here:

Google Research Mentorship Program

Angela was chosen for CSRMP (Batch 2021b) - a Google-led program that supports the pursuit of computing research for students from historically marginalized groups through career mentorship, peer-to-peer networking, and building awareness about pathways within the field.

Across the period of 12 weeks, she has researched the field of machine learning for social good along with Google Researcher, Dr. Yukun Zhu, while progressing her own CS investigation project.

Additionally she got introduced to Google Cloud Machine Learning, and collaborated together with past students of the program.


Google Research Program - Orientation


Dyer Center Pitch Competition

Dyer Center
Entrepreneurship Fellow 

As a Dyer Center Entrepreneurship Fellow, Angela has taken initiatives to further grow and support both, the innovation community on campus and her own venture.

Starting from her first day on campus, she has designed the Passionate Pards system, a networking community where Lafayette College students can team up to build start-ups and innovative projects, according to their skillset, free time, and passion.

Additionally, she was chosen as the only freshman finalist during the Innovation Week Pitch Event, where she presented EnRoute. Last, but not least, during her time she has taken lectures on entrepreneurship and innovation concepts, as Business Model Canvas, Digital Marketing, NFTs, Cryptocurrency, and Real-Estate.

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