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Gap Year

Science & Entrepreneurial Knowledge

High School 

Angela has been a student in the class of 2020. She has spent the past four years in Yahya Kemal College, with a full scholarship. Apart from receiving a perfect score of 4.00 GPA, she has created the School Newspaper & has been involved with the debate club. Angela graduated as the only valedictorian of the class and decided to take a gap year. Even though her formal education was put on hold, she continued to build upon her leadership activities through numerous training and academies.

Global Citizen Year Academy 2020 | Experience

Global Citizen
Year Academy

At the beginning of her gap year, Angela has joined the Global Citizen Year to build upon her leadership skills. The semester-long experience included daily lessons, impact partners volunteering, personalized mentorship & student-led clubs.


The courses were taken through the Minerva Schools of KGI's cutting-edge platform.

The class Global Systems and Society examined the social interaction through the lens of complex systems theory, providing a powerful framework for understanding human behavior and group dynamics. She has studied topics as Equality, Conformity, Emergence, and Justice. The class of Leadership as a Practice uncovered insights about identity, worldview, and values. She's analyzed critical issues in her community and connected them with a broader, global context. She has received a 4.0 GPA and graduated in the profound knowledge category, with honors.

Outside of the classroom, she has founded the Entrepreneurship Club & was deeply involved in the TED Circles Community. Through the Academy, Angela has connected with over 200 students worldwide and got the chance to speak with worldwide leaders (as Melinda Gates & Sundar Pichai).

Social Impact Award Incubator

With her venture EnRoute, Angela was accepted as a finalist in the Social Impact Award Competition which helps early-stage social entrepreneurs in developing and implementing innovative business solutions to tackle the most important societal challenges of our times. At the age of 18, she has been the youngest competitor ever accepted into the program. On the road to the great final, she took part in the three-month intensive Social Impact Award Incubator 


Through the program, she has studied the concepts of Business Model Canvasing, Pitching, Content & Video Creation, Storytelling, Social Media Algorithms​, Impact Measuring & Sustainable Development Goals along with the most successful social entrepreneurs of Eastern Europe. The Incubator finished with a demo-day where EnRoute received the Grand Prize and a grant of $500 for further development.

She was also granted access to the International Social Impact Award Summit where she hosted two sessions on Sustainable Living and The Concept of Ikigai.

Social Impact Award 2020 | Experience

Seavus Accelerator Experience

Seavus Accelerator

Right after she won the Social Impact Award, Angela was the youngest member to join the Seavus Accelerator - the leading tech accelerator for seed ventures. Together with the program from Seavus, she had gone through the Startup Wise Guys Pre-Seed Accelerator.

The program lasted for 12 months and covered the concepts of pitching, customers and product development, investor relations, sales techniques, legal basics & company planning. Through the assignments, she has defined the purpose and mission of EnRoute, created the PnL Forecast, build its minimum viable product, lead the customer discovery phase, created a marketing and sales strategy, and secured its first funding.

She has presented EnRoute at the Global Week of Entrepreneurship, Demo Day & World Business Angels Investment Forum. 

Global Changemakers Mentorship Programme

As a participant in the program, Angela was paired with a mentor who was an experienced changemaker and guided her through a carefully designed five-part mentorship journey.


Over the course of twelve weeks and with the support of her mentor, she was equipped with tools, skills, knowledge, and understanding to be the change she wished to see. She had the opportunity to directly apply what she had learned by being mentored in the planning and creation of her own social impact project. 

Through the program, she identified her unique strengths, values, and story. She developed skills such as leadership, planning, communications, networking, and many more. She met and networked with other like-minded changemakers from around the world and attended regular meet-ups with expert guests.


Global Changemakers Mentorship Programme | 2020

LEADER Project 2021 | Experience

LEADER Project

The LEADER project has been implemented in cooperation with the Ivey Business School – Western University It is a ten-day Management and Business Administration (MBA) training that encourages and energizes Macedonian entrepreneurs to develop local or regional business solutions that will create new opportunities for social and economic development.

Angela, as a 19-year-old teenager, was the youngest chosen participant in the program. Through the lessons, she has thoroughly analyzed eight business cases from Ivey Western University in the fields of strategy creation, marketing, and digital presence, operations, financial statements, cash budgeting, go-to-market strategy, and negotiations.

Through the program, she took part in a leadership debate between Macedonia's Business Executives and the President.

United People Global Sustainability Training

UPG Sustainability Training is a movement that encourages and enables citizens at all levels to take positive action. Angela was one of the 500 chosen candidates from over 4000 applicants. She was the only one to represent North Macedonia in the UPG Community.

The training took place over nine intensive weeks. The syllabus included Ethics for Sustainability Leadership, Emotional Motivation, Facilitation Skills, Community Engagement, Women Empowerment, Non-Violent Communication, Building Resilience, Mental Health Awareness, Fundraising Resources, Voice Management, International Peace, and Negotiations.

Angela received the maximum points during the program, excelling in the classes and the given assignments.

United People Global Sustainability Training | 2021

College Studies

Angela is a student in the Class of 2025 at Lafayette College, Easton, PA. She is taking a double major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science. She is an Oechsle Scholarship Recipient. Her fall classes involve: Calculus III, General Chemistry II & Introduction to Engineering among others.

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