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Why EnRoute?

During the pandemic, humanity has finally understood how our day-to-day activities can have a lasting impact on both, local and global livelihood. It revealed how a piece of cloth (the mask) can save the lives of thousands of people. But, as the pandemic slowly decelerates, we need to keep building this muscle and re-use what’ve learned to prevent the upcoming worldwide catastrophes.

With the climate change consequences knocking on the door, we have to understand that as our masks save lives, our reduced carbon footprint can too. For that honor, Angela has started the organization EnRoute, to help people harness the power of everyday actions for big changes and break the stigma that living sustainably is an expensive commitment.

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Coding the Software

At the moment when she has started the initiative, she didn’t have any basic knowledge of coding. Simply because her will was stronger than any excuse she could think of, she has started to learn Flutter and Bubble & thus program the application simultaneously.

Starting low, the inaugural demo in May 2020 was a one-screen app, available only in the Macedonian Language. All a person could do with it was enter three daily activities, preferred means of transport, and time of start and end. The software gave back a vague combination of the user’s timetable with the least amount of CO2 emissions.

During the summer she has expanded the demo with a full application mock-up. In January 2021 she has published the Android Version on Google Play using the cross-platform of Flutter. In March 2021, she has created a web version using the server of Bubble.

In May 2021, using Flutter and Swift, she has published the EnRoute App on The App Store.

Ambassador Program

Apart from competitive debates, Angela shares her voice to motivate and inspire young people to be the best version of themselves. In 2020, her talk "Born to Inspire - Not to Impress" won a bronze medal in the international WeVoi Speech Competition.

Angela always uses her own past to create lessons for the future. She successfully overcame severe bullying and numerous failures. For that manner, in collaboration with the TED-ED club, she has created two speeches to drive young leaders to not fear failure and always follow their passion.

Ambassador Program

Till today, we have acquired successfully acquired 50 ambassadors among 6 continents. Our representatives are present in 43 countries and 7 states in the U.S.A, steadily expanding our EnRoute family. You can see the whole team here:


Webinars Program

GCM 2021

March For Science 2021

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