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New York Academy of Sciences

Junior Academy Science Projects

Latest Project Created:

Sustainable Chain of Transportation

According to UNESCO, “global spending on R&D [research and development] has reached a record high of almost US $1.7 trillion.” In this era of increasing concern for environmentalism and climate change, a myriad of efforts has been invested in discovering more eco-friendly and sustainable methods of transportation with the hopes of curbing the consequences of global warming.

Angela's team approached the problem by breaking down the topic in order to effectively consider all parts. Their effective solution included feasibility and compliance by major groups like businesses, the government, and consumers. At each stage, the economic, environmental, and social factors were considered, and through a gradual transition to a new system, changes in present modes of transportation were achieved. According to their research, an app that allows businesses and consumers to view their carbon footprint would help to reduce overall carbon emissions. Another important development that has not been implemented on a large scale is UCCs and the GLEC algorithm, which have significant implications for the future.

This is the project which have birth to what is now, the award-winning EnRoute App. See the whole project here:


Sustainable Chain of Transportation | Framework


Off-Hour Deliveries System

international competition for students a

Machine learning mobile application | Genetech

Genomics Challenge: Genetech

As rare diseases occur so infrequently, the data we have on them is often limited. Without substantial information on the diseases, diagnosis proves difficult. In rural areas, the issue with diagnosis is exacerbated, since few have access to inexpensive health care facilities. The mission was to address both problems by creating a machine learning mobile application that will be able to accurately diagnose rare diseases. 

Our double purpose solution included a centralized online platform & gene sequencing programs for data collection and a machine learning program accessible as a mobile application for diagnosis. To execute that, we've used XGBoost.

Our solution is a classic type of Feature Engineering and Data Exploration. The machine learning model that will be incorporated into the app is a type of NLP ( Natural Language Processing ) The app will collect several types of data including demographics ( age, race, ethnicity, geographical location ), symptoms, and family history. Once the data is collected, it will be loaded into a Pandas Data Frame in python and vectorized using Count Vectorizer.  The XGBoost ensemble will make a prediction of whether the user has a specific rare disease using the data present.

EdTech Challenge: Chalk

The mission of this challenge was to improve the education system in Indonesia. Our team focused on upgrading the quality, incorporating technology in classrooms, and increasing cooperation and collaboration. Our solution comprised a two-way approach.

The first part is Chalk - a classroom helper and collaborator application for students and teachers. It helps professors to understand what teaching style is most effective for students of their class. It works via taking in ratings from students at the end of each class and self-reviews from teachers at the end of each class as well. Then it analyzes the data and offers suggestions based on the same.

The second part is Xplore - a real-life adventure game for younger students. The idea here is to make students want to learn about the natural world around them. Students will click pictures of flora and fauna, which are identified by the application. The information about it will be presented in the app. Depending on how rare the thing clicked is, in the local area, the app will assign a certain number of points.

Technology, if leveraged correctly and smartly, can be an incredibly versatile and useful tool for students both inside and outside of classrooms. With these two apps, we hope to be taking a step forward towards the same.


Chalk Application for students | EdTech


Chalk Application for teachers | EdTech

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