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Maths & Physics Competitions

International Youth Physicists' Tournament

The International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT), sometimes referred to as the “Physics World Cup”, is a team-oriented scientific competition between secondary school students. After two years of constant rejection, in 2019, Angela has officially become the leader student of the first-ever team that represented North Macedonia in the big arena. As a ''first-time'' country, her team took part in a special division of the tournament where they have achieved first place.

The researches she has personally conducted for the competition are:

-Hurricane Balls: Investigating the phenomenon of two steel balls, joined together and spun at incredibly high frequency. 

-Aerosol: Investigating the parameters that determine whether an aerosol is formed when water flows through a small aperture.

-Suspended Water Wheel: Investigating the phenomenon when a light object, such as a Styrofoam disk, is placed near the edge of a water jet aiming upwards.


She is currently residing on the board organizing the National Young Physicists Tournament and writing a preparation guide for following competitors.

National Math Competitions

Angela joined math olympiads back in 7th grade. In 9th grade, she has already achieved last place in the national math olympiad. Understanding that math is not talent, but hard work, in high school, she's changed her trajectory. She spent days solving math problems, chasing angles while chasing dreams.

In her freshman year, she won the regional olympiad, achieving full 100 points. and by junior year, she has become a national math runner-up.

Apart from receiving numerous medals and awards, through math, Angela's learned to stay still, focused, concentrated and never give up.

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National Maths Olympiad 2019

International Math Olympiads

After the qualifications on a national level, Angela was a medalist at a few international math olympiads. In these competitions, all high school students compete on five problems from the area of number theory, geometry, inequalities, combinatorics, and functional equations.

In her senior and junior years, Angela took a step forward to spread her passion. She became an olympiad math tutor and held extensive regular lectures and tutoring sessions with promising high school students for the national and international maths Olympiad. 

Honor Iranian.jpg

Iranian Geometry Olympiad

Experimental Physics Olympiad

Angela joined the theoretical physics olympiads back in 9th grade when she has achieved third place on a national level. She competed on the topic of electricity & magnetism. In high school, she has taken fourth place on a national level in the topics of mechanics & fluids.

Apart from theoretical, Angela won the national experimental olympiad as a freshman in high school. Her research was based on the creation of the centripetal force and its usage in everyday life.

Screenshot 2021-06-01 175502.jpg

First Place | Experimental Physics Olympiad

National Biology Olympiad

Angela kickstarted her olympiads career when she won first place on the regional biology olympiad in seventh grade. She's competed on the topics of cells & plants.

In eighth grade, she has achieved second place on a national level. For these series of tournaments, she had conducted several pieces of research on the differences between classes of animals.

In ninth grade, she won second place on a national level for her knowledge of the human body - system work and ecology. The theoretical knowledge gained in these competitions was the basis of all created projects.


National Biology Olympiad

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