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Work Experience

Internships & Volunteering

Oxfam America - Corporate
Partnerships Intern

Oxfam is an international organization working to end the injustice of poverty. Angela served as a Global Citizen Academy intern in the team acting on one of the six fundamental goals: income strategies.
She performed extensive research and data analyses on third-party aggregators’ history of donation. Angela's worked on approaches to improve fundraising campaigns and employees' workplace giving. As the youngest person on board, she provided her youth perspectives to the team.

Apart from her core work, she's received training in Local Humanitarian Response, Gender Justice, Gender & Power, Feminist Economics, and Safeguarding Awareness.

Screenshot 2021-01-08 081753.jpg

Gender Justice Training | Oxfam

Zindi Africa - Data Preparation Intern

Zindi is the first data science competition platform in Africa which hosts an entire ecosystem focused on solving Africa’s most pressing problems. She worked to prepare and pre-process datasets, building machine learning models for the following projects:
Sea Turtle Conservation: Acquiring an algorithm for facial recognition to prevent harm of endangered sea turtle species.
African News Feed: Developing a machine learning application that will automatically summarize news articles in Africa to faster inform citizens of new occasions.
Corruption Watch: Anonymizing graft and bribery allegations to fight corruption in South Africa.



Algorithm to see if a student is paying attention | Zindi Machine Learning

Take Action Global - Localization Intern

Take Action Global is creating opportunities for young people to take action which benefits humanity. Angela served as an intern in the Climate Action Project: a 6-week project involving over 2.5 million students; She manifested and translated the curriculum to the Macedonian Language. Through this project, for the first time, she included the Climate Action Education in 15 public elementary schools in Macedonian Elementary School.

Additionally, as a part of the project Youth Leading Youth, she's connected with young students from India, Romania, Germany and Venezuela to discuss their climate action education. 


Climate Action Project in Macedonian Newspaper

Global Changemakers - Virtual Youth Summit

The Virtual Youth Summit celebrates and connects changemakers from across the world over five days of inspiration, impact, and social innovation. As a 'Global Changemaker' herself, Angela served as a tech and engagement assistant throughout the summit. As an Engagement Volunteer, her role was to keep the event participants engaged before and during the event.
As a Tech Assistant, in collaboration with the speakers, she was in charge to provide the best user experience. Hundreds of students coming from 67+ countries visited and engaged with the summit.


VYS Main Panel | Global Changemakers

Global Citizen Year - Community Engagement Intern

Global Citizen Year is an Oakland-based non-profit that recruits and trains a diverse corps of high school seniors to participate in an immersion-based international bridge year – often called a gap year – before starting college. As a Community Engagement Intern, Angela leads and encourages the Academy students to connect through the different online platforms used by Global Citizen Year. She supports the development of an inclusive community of students and regularly engages with the new leaders to make them feel welcomed and empowered, creating spaces for learning & building strong relationships.

She hosted the 9-episode Global Talks weekly serial where 40 students discussed, analyzed, and proposed solutions to the most pressing issues of today's world.


Academy Intern | Global Citizen Year

UN Conference of Youth - Regional Coordinator

The UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY) is an event under the banner of YOUNGO – The Official Youth Constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Angela serves as a regional coordinator for Southern Europe and brings youth activists to meet up, addressing climate change together with world leaders. She conducts the communication between local delegates & embassies in the Global Affairs Unit.

Furthermore, she is involved with the creation of a policy document, which will represent the youth in the  UN Climate Negotiations (COP26).

holing wolves.jpg

Regional Coordinator - COY 16

JUV Consulting - Consultant

JUV Consulting is a Gen Z Marketing Agency featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 Class of 2019. Angela has worked with clients as RISE on social media, content ideation, and strategy creation.


JUV Consulting - Team Member 

Youth4Climate: Pre-COP Delegate

Angela has been chosen as an official delegate on the Youth4Climate convened by the Government of Italy. She joined almost 400 other young climate leaders from around the world for an unprecedented opportunity to put forward ideas and concrete proposals on some of the most pressing issues on the climate agenda.

To make sure that the views and opinions of Macedonian youth are truly represented, she worked closely with UNICEF to develop the first-ever Macedonian Youth Climate Declaration which was presented at the summit. 

Italian Ambassador Meeting.jpg

Meeting with the Italian Ambassador in North Macedonia

Jemi Student Ambassador

Jemi (YC'2020) empowers individuals to grow on the web by helping them build beautiful websites and stores.

I am one of only 25 Student Ambassadors selected for their first cohort to further design, scale and upsurge Jemi's product.


Office Of Sustainability - EcoRep Intern

Angela initiated, developed, and executed a Food Waste Campaign to support over 1000 students to waste less food on campus. She co-led The Sustainability Clamshells Program, enrolling over 300 new students on campus. The program has a goal to minimize the use of plastics, and further support the concept of the circular economy. She has executed events on Sustainable Fashion and Ethical Black Friday Shopping

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