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Innovations & Research

Using tech for a better tomorrow

Design EnRoute.png


EnRoute is a mobile app which helps people to reduce carbon emissions from their day to day activities. Through the app, one can make their daily combination with the least amount of carbon emissions and find the most sustainable brands.

EcoGenius Pitch Presentation.jpg


EcoGenius is a robot which uses Large Language Models to teach Climate Education to young children.


Speech Recognition for Low Resource Languages

Built an algorithm to help speech recognition models work for Indian and African Languages. Presented at Harvard and Stanford.


Machine Learning Research Projects

Utilized machine learning algorithms to detect cracks in buildings. Paper published at IEEE Sustech 2023.

Developed ML Models to calculate perceived complexity. Paper published at IDETC ASME 2022.

Developed a collaborative filtering recommendation system using the Surprise library in Python, implementing the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) algorithm to predict movie ratings. Won the 2nd place in the Break Through AI - Kaggle competition.

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