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Debates & Keynotes

World Scholar's Cup

Angela's international speaking experience starts at the World Scholar's Cup, a team academic tournament with over 15,000 students from 65 countries. It is a two-day extensive competition, comprising four major events: the Scholar's Challenge, Collaborative Writing, The Team Debate (in World Schools Style Debate Form), and the Scholar's Bowl. 


In 2018, she served as a first speaker, and individually she achieved a debate champion senior gold medal, honor medal for social studies and science challenge, ranked top 5 for history challenge, and awarded as a champion scholar. Together with her team, they won the debate championship, achieving 4th place in the overall tournament.


In 2019, individually she ranked top 3 debate champions, received a senior gold medal for writing, and again received the champion scholar award. Together with her team, on the other side, they achieved 3rd place in Scholar’s Bowl, ranking 5th place in the overall tournament.

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The power of never giving up | TED 2020

A beginner's guide to survive bullying | TED 2019

TED Talks

In 2019, Angela took part in the Owlypia - Intellectuals' Challenge, an international competition, inspiring intellectual curiosity through the theme of Creativity Beyond the Borders. Over the course of two days, she competed in four distinct challenges: Knowledge, Speech-Craft, Impromptu, and Team-Spirit. 

She achieved gold medals for Speech-Craft and Impromptu Challenge, and silver for Team-Spirit. For the knowledge challenge, focused on Science & Technology, she received a gold medal, ranking third place globally. Apart from competitive debates, Angela shares her voice to motivate and inspire young people to be the best version of themselves. In 2020, her talk "Born to Inspire - Not to Impress" won a bronze medal in the international WeVoi Speech Competition.

Angela always uses her own past to create lessons for the future. She successfully overcame severe bullying and numerous failures. In that manner, in collaboration with the TED-ED club, she has created two speeches to drive young leaders to not fear failure and always follow their passion.


Harnessing the power of the online world, Angela shared her voice on plenty of international summits. (creating no grams of CO2!)

In August 2020, she was a keynote speaker at the Global Spotlight Youth Summit, which had a mission to inspire the community to think differently and take positive action. Her session "Creating miracles with the Ultimate Power of Never Giving up" taught students from over 50 countries how to turn all dreams into reality, never set down, and change their lives for good by adding just one quality to their characters.

In the autumn of 2020, she shared the idea of her enterprise, EnRoute at the MUN Impact Global Summit 2.0, Social Impact Award Summit, and Macedonia 2025 Summit in front of hundreds of students, social entrepreneurs, and business executives.

In the spring of 2021, she has promoted environmentally friendly practices and gave an overview of what we can as individuals and as a society do to build back normal at the Edinburgh Sustainability Conference.


Lafayette College Forensics Team

College Forensics 

In the fall of 2021, Angela got enrolled into Lafayette College's Forensics Team, where she competed in the Persuasion and After-Dinner Speaking Category.

Through her platform speeches, Angela raises concern about the most oppressing problems of today. Her Persuasion Speech is devoted to the issue of Fast Fashion, while with her After-Dinner Speech she creates a comedy spotlighting the issue of bullying.

Till now she has participated in four distinct tournaments. The most valuable recognitions are:

• Top Novice Award on the Tournament held by University of West Florida

• Silver Medal on After Dinner Speaking on the Ed Leonard Memorial Tournament. 


She has qualified for the national and regional tournaments, expected in Spring 2022. 

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